It has been a busy month for restaurant news in Rochester with several new establishments opening in the Med-City. This month, Wahlberger's unveiled its second location. Downtown, Green-N-Fresh began serving salads and sandwiches. Food Lab, a new sit-down restaurant, from the owners of the popular Taco Lab food truck, opened its doors. And, Giliberto's Tacos also made its long-awaited debut.

Unfortunately, there's bad news to report today because we received a tip about a popular restaurant that apparently will be closing this week.

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Monday morning I received an email from a trusted source who must have just finished his breakfast. He said he was talking to his waitress and was told that Denny's would be closing this Wednesday.

Is Denny's Closing Its Rochester Locations?


Back in 2019, the same restaurant was rumored to be closing as well, but we were able to squash that gossip rather quickly. At that time, the restaurant was just closed for a remodel.

The waitress who provided the tip to my source said the restaurant's owner had decided not to renew the lease this year.

Is Denny's Closing Its Rochester Locations?

Denny's Offers Free Breakfast In Effort To Aggressively Promote Sales
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I called the restaurant this morning and spoke to a manager who would only say "I can't confirm or deny" the report and directed me to the district manager for more information.

I left a message for that manager but haven't heard back yet. (This story will be updated with her quote when we receive it.)

If this rumor is true, it sounds like only one of the Denny's locations will close.

I spoke with a manager at the 17th Ave NW location who didn't say anything about the Broadway restaurant closing but did say his is staying open.


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