There is a new building going up fast on West Circle Drive. When they first started building next to the new Sleep Number store (near Aldi), I thought for sure we were getting another bank. Seriously though, how many banks does that road need??? Great news, it's not a bank! It's a coffee shop. A good one too.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

They just put up the big "Dunkin Donuts coming soon" sign. Surprisingly, it still says "donuts" just days after making the announcement that they are dropping the donut from their name. Regardless, I'm pumped for another coffee shop on that side of town.

If you recall a year ago, Dunkin Donuts shared their plans of opening four new locations in Rochester. They said they would begin opening new locations in 2019. This is the first Dunkin Donuts sign I've found in Rochester. I had my people reach out to their people, aka I emailed them. We are in contact, but I don't have an exact opening date yet. We will update you as more information becomes available.

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