Just a few days ago, Glasser Images, a photography company that is popular throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Colorado, sent a statement to customers letting them know that they were closing.  This isn't like every other closing announcement that companies have been posting on social media.  This one also stated that "due to closing, if there is anything paid, we will not be able to provide any refunds." 


Southeast Minnesota Couple In a Panic Looking for Photographer After Receiving Message from Glasser Images

Some of the customers, including one couple in Southeast Minnesota, booked Glasser Images as the photographer for their wedding almost 2 years ago.  Unfortunately, they were one of the couples that received the message from the company that they were closed and they were in a desperate hunt to find a photographer for their wedding on October 23rd in Pine Island, Minnesota.

Over the weekend, a plea was posted on the Spotted in Rochester Facebook page by Caylin Holmes asking for some help:

Im posting this with complete desperation. My wedding is in 2 weeks, 10/23 at Pondview Barn in Pine Island. We booked our photographer through Glasser Images over 2 years ago, and just today i received an email from them stating they are closing effective immediately and will not be doing our wedding, and will not be giving a refund. I’m just absolutely baffled. If anyone here does professional photography or knows someone that does that would have availability on Saturday 10/23 from 10am-8pm PLEASE message me. Any leads are greatly appreciated😢❤️ If anyone else had them booked- I’m so sorry, this is absolutely unbelievable.

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The message that she received from Glasser Images stated the following:

Hello, It is with a heavy heart we regret to inform you that Glasser Images is closing.  The past an ongoing effects from the pandemic have caused irreparable damage that has forced this decision to happen extremely rapdily and immediately.

Due to closing, we will not be able to work with you as scheduled in October 2021.

If you would like to work with anyone from our past team that you have been in correspondence with, certainly feel free to reach out to them.

Due to closing, if there is anything paid, we will not be able to provide any refunds.  For this, we cannot apologize enough.

Unfortunately, Caylin isn't the only one that received correspondence from Glasser Images.  Several couples that have already had their wedding and are waiting on their photos also received word that the company was closing.


According to kfyrtv.com, the owner of Glasser Images, Jack Glasser, stated the following:

“We’ve been in business for 16 years and up until COVID-19 hit, we were successful and growing, but then things drastically changed for the worse,” said Glasser. “We pivoted and made changes, but simply couldn’t keep up with our ongoing costs, debt repayment, salaries, rent and other business expenses. These factors have caused irreparable damage to the business and has forced us to make this decision rapidly. Closing our doors is extremely heart-wrenching for me.”

A little bit of good news for the Southeast Minnesota couple that is getting married in a few weeks .

Planning a wedding is already stressful and a bride doesn't need any more added to her plate. Thankfully, the local couple that was impacted by the Glasser Images shutdown found a new photographer for their fast-approaching wedding. Here's the update that was shared on Facebook.


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