I can't keep up with the amount of phone scams happening. I read multiple stories every week about sleazy people trying to steal unsuspecting people's hard earned money.

Home Federal Savings Bank of Rochester issued a statement, on their Facebook, warning customers of a new credit card scam happening in our area:

It has been reported that a non-legitimate source has made phone calls in this area. The caller states that "your MasterCard was blocked" and then prompts you to enter personal information and your card number over the phone. The caller id shows up as "unidentified caller." If you are a Home Federal client, this is NOT a legitimate call from our Fraud Center, this is a scam attempting to steal your information. If you receive this type of call hang up immediately and do not give out your information for any reason. Home Federal Savings Bank will never ask for your information over the phone in this manner.

Don't get ripped off. You should never give any personal info to anyone that calls you.

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