My million dollar idea is about to become a reality. I like to call it my idea because back in the day, I used to talk about owning a coffee shop that also made mixed drinks involving the coffee. I mean, everyone loves Hot Toddies and a shot of Bailey's in their coffee. You think you like a pumpkin spice latte now, wait until there is booze in it! ;) One of my favorite coffee shops is going to make it happen.

When Fiddlehead Coffee Co. opens in downtown Rochester, not only will they be creating boozy versions of all their drinks, but they'll also be serving cocktails, beer, and wine too! You might remember their delicious coffee drinks when they were located in Forager. Their new location is inside Flats on Fourth - the new apartments across the street from the government center.

The application for a liquor license was approved at last night's city council meeting. With the approval, they can move forward with an anticipated opening date of early January. You can follow them on Facebook to stay in the loop on their grand opening.

In the meantime, enjoy Fiddlehead coffee at Cameo at the Castle.

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