We had to put our cat down 2-years ago and my son still talks about her and says he misses her from time to time. Pets are family members and losing one is extremely difficult, especially for kids. A Rochester family is grieving the loss of their kitten after a very unfortunate accident.

The mom shared the story and a warning to others on Facebook. She said, "I am left with a grieving family because of an accident that was ultimately my fault. We had this incredible 4 month old kitten that we got from dear friends for our 10 year old. On Saturday I was doing the marathon laundry that I always do on weekends. I grabbed a few blankets from the living room and I still don't know if poor sweet Hobbes was in the blankets or in the front load washing machine. I was horrified to find his sweet little body at the bottom of the machine when I went to change it out."

I am so sad for this family and especially the mother who is obviously feeling very guilty.

She finished her post by writing, "Day by day we will heal, but I am letting you all know to spread the word as this is very common for these sweet creatures to hide in laundry, and end up in washers or dryers. I had no idea. RIP sweet kitty!!"

Lindsey Wolko, founder of Center for Pet Safety, told petmd.com, "Curious cats can find their way into a front- or top-load washing machine—but the dryer may be the bigger attraction because of the warmth."  Wolko recommends always keeping the laundry room doors closed and checking the machines before loading and using.

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