A lot of Rochester residents have been frustrated with their garbage service ever since Garbage Man was acquired by Waste Management last December. The biggest complaint from residents was the immediate decline in service quality - As a customer, I can say the service has improved.

Garbage collection has been discussed by the Rochester City Council several times. In January, a petition was started to essentially make garbage collection a city utility. One idea is to assign specific companies to each of the city's quadrants. This would theoretically help lower costs for consumers as each garbage company would have a specific zone instead of having to travel all around the city.

City Council Member Nick Campion was asked to share his garbage bill and did recently on Facebook. He wrote: "I negotiated with a few haulers before I ended up with WM again. This is a 3-month bill at $60.98 ($20.33/mo.)."

My bill is twice that amount!!

UPDATE- I did call Waste Management and told them I'd like to pay what Nick was paying and they adjusted my bill without any hassle.



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