This is going to come as a huge surprise to, well, nobody that lives in Rochester. Or to most of Minnesota or the Dakotas for that matter. But, yes, Rochester was named to's list of the "25 Coldest Large American Cities You Should Avoid This Winter."

Not only did we make the list, but Rochester placed #7 on it. Evidently, we have an average winter temperature of 11.8 degrees, which is 0.2 degrees colder than the average temperature in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (#8) and 0.1 degree warmer than Coon Rapids, Minnesota (#6).

The article also goes on to mention our "very cold winters with the average annual snowfall of 50 inches."

Those of us who live here know that we enjoy four seasons. Six weeks of fall, six weeks of spring, three months of summer and six months of winter. Some of you are old enough to remember the Halloween blizzard of 1991. And I would guess all of you remember the May snowstorms of the past couple years. That's our winter - October to May...

And if we experience an occasional "polar vortex" so be it!

It's all part of living here, right? And if people from other places can't handle it, maybe we'd rather not have them visit, anyway!

Check out the complete list of cities, which includes several others in Minnesota.