A 46-year-old woman in New York recently threw out her wedding ring and her engagement ring by mistake. But sanitation workers were able to help her find it after an hour or so of digging through hundreds and hundreds of trash bags. After a quick Google search, I found this stuff happens all of the time. Another New York woman did the same thing in November and a woman in Missouri threw out a a 12.5-carat ring worth $400,000!! Those women were also able to locate their rings in the trash.

This morning Samm and I asked our listeners, if they had ever lost their wedding ring. Check out these stories, including the man who lost his at his wedding:

Other listeners chimed in on Facebook:

Christopher Gefre: "Lost mine while shoveling the neighborhoods sidewalks. My daughter found it the next spring still frozen to our front sidewalk. Went 4 months without it."

Maire Garnett Thorp: "My dad did on the beach in WA while cutting up logs for wood. Family pitched together and got him new one for anniversary year or two later. Two weeks later he moved a new log to cut and there it was after couple years of high n low tides and storms. Fluke?!"

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