The Rochester Police Department, along with other K-9 teams from Minnesota and Wisconsin will be at Century High School this Sunday for the United States Police K-9 Association Field Trails.

This free event is a great opportunity to see the K-9 teams in action as they compete in a variety of different skills including agility, obedience, and detection among others.

Teams in Rochester will be testing and certifying their dogs during the event.

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The event runs from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Rochester Century High School. Before the event, there will be ambulances, fire trucks, and other first responder vehicles to check out.

Rochester Current and Retired K-9s

The Rochester Police K-9 unit has eight teams. Six of the teams are dual-purpose, meaning that they are certified to work patrol and certified in the detection of narcotics. Two of these teams are single-purpose and are certified in the detection of explosives.

The dogs used by the unit are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and British Labrador Retrievers.

According to RPD, the dogs and their handlers go through a vigorous training program that prepares them for police work.

"Initially, the dogs receive training in obedience, article searches, tracking, agility, and criminal apprehension. Later on, the dogs will receive training in narcotics or explosives detection, depending on the unit’s needs. When not working, the dogs live at home with their handlers, but are always excited to come back to work to keep our community safe."

The current K-9s Team includes:

K-9 Duke - Patrol & Narcotic Detection
K-9 Kola - Patrol & Narcotic Detection
K-9 Riot - Patrol & Narcotic Detection
K-9 Wrecker - Patrol & Narcotic Detection
K-9 Riley - Explosive Detection
K-9 Sarge - Explosive Detection
K-9 Ty - Patrol & Narcotic Detection

Retired Rochester Police K-9s include:

K-9 Zeke - Retired 2018
K-9 Rocco - Retired 2017
K-9 Britt - Retired 2016
K-9 Chase - Retired 2016
K-9 Razor - Retired 2015
K-9 Jake - Retired 2014
K-9 Keegan - Retired 2013
K-9 Shocker - Retired 2010
K-9 Thunder - Retired 2008
K-9 Bosco - Retired 2007
K-9 Astro - Retired 2006
K-9 Raach - Retired 2005
K-9 Mace - Retired 2002

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