After suddenly and quietly closing last year, the restaurant is back open for business. I actually wrote about Asia Fusion being one of my favorite restaurants in town a while back, when I was slapped in the face with the news that they closed. Talk about instant heartbreak. So when I drove by yesterday and saw that the door was open, I had to investigate. I wasn't sure if there was something new in the location OR if my beloved Asia Fusion had reopened!

Asia Fusion Food

Great news, the delicious Asian restaurant is back in business. When I reached out to employees to figure out why they closed, they said they were remodeling the kitchen. If you haven't tried Asia Fusion, you are seriously missing out. The food is on point and reasonably priced. Get the Korean BBQ.

Fun fact - Asia Fusion is Mango Thai's "sister restaurant." They originally opened on West Circle Drive in 2016.

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