If you live or work in Rochester, the fall Commuter Challenge invites you to find a different way to work this week. And they'll even reward you for it!

Rochester Public Transit began the challenge this week, finding it more important than ever with the huge changes to the transportation and landscape in downtown Rochester.

If you take the challenge, submit your pledge form on the Rochester Public Transit website. Competed forms will be entered into a drawing to win one of nearly 20 prizes being given like a FitBit or a new bike!

What other alternatives count? According to Rochester Public Transit:

  • Commuter Bus A convenient and affordable option for those who live in surrounding communities
  • Bicycle Plenty of commuters--in all climates--bike to work year round. Cycling is catching on!
  • Local Transit / Park & Ride Rochester Public Transit gets you there, fast and convenient
  • Carpool Score great parking and save money by teaming up with at least 2 others to share ride
  • Walk Perhaps the healthiest and most satisfying way to get from hear to there is your own two feet

Pop-up events providing information on commute options are planned for the week at select transit centers around Rochester. For more info and to submit your pledge, click here. 

To be honest, I've not had a good track record with this...

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