While I'm obviously not embarrassed that my body does what a woman's body is supposed to do, I'm most definitely NOT interested in sharing when that's happening with the world. There is a company called Pink Parcel that has created a line of shirts that does just that - lets others know that aunt flow is in town.

Pink Parcel is like the FabFitFun of period boxes. It's a subscription that sends you a box filled with a variety of sanitary products, treats, snacks and beauty products every month. While I LOVE that idea, I'm still weirded out by the shirts. I mean, everyone poops, but would you wear a shirt that says "I pooped today!" ? ... Didn't think so!

The shirts are part of a campaign (I’M ON campaign), and the idea is to take the shame out of women's time of the month. They want to stop women being seen as weak or angry during that time. I love the idea behind it, BUT I just don't feel that a t-shirt will have that kind of power.


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