Boy, now I'm not feeling so bad about missing all the chaos (that I helped cause) yesterday! 

Depending on which side of the register you were on, this was either a major success or a beautiful disaster because apparently every line in the United States, including the one that began to form early Thursday morning at Apache Mall had to eventually close... that's how busy Build-A-Bear's Pay Your Age Day went.

Their website sited their concerns about safety especially with the crowds lined up, hours earlier than opening, in order to get one of their bears so cheap. Social media began blowing up pictures from all over the place, including the Mall of America!

Here's video of how our own Apache Mall's line looked during all the chaos:

I had people messaging me on Facebook on how families were coming into the mall with the mall walkers at 8 a.m. and it took them several hours to get through the line - YIKES!

I think Build-A-Bear needs to re-think their strategy for next time (if there even is one) because this thing was so successful, it failed.

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