Owners Steve and Dawn Finnie know they have quite the hill to climb to be a successful business in this area, but it's the drive of doing what they love that will no doubt make this brewery an instant hit with it's patrons.

Little Thistle Brewing Co. is the area's newest brewery and taproom, and I can't wait to check this place out in person! The brewery sits at the point where Cascade Creek Trail merges with the Douglas Trail and the inside has it's own personality and theme that'll greet it's customers when they walk in for the very first time.

We hope that our customers feel welcome and at home from day one. We've tried our best to provide a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. No beer snobs, just good beer and good friends, says owner Dawn Finnie.

If there's one thing I love about our brewing community, it's that there's so much respect and hopes of success that's shared amongst one another. That's no different when it comes to Rochester's latest brewery that opens later today either. When asked how Little Thistle Brewing Co. will stand apart from the other breweries around the area, they responded in kind by saying "We're not in competition with any of the other breweries in town. The brewing industry is very collaborative, and there's room for everyone. Our space is different, and our beers are different. We hope you come visit us but also keep visiting all our beer friends in town as well."

It's no wonder why their tag line is "Be Humble, Drink Local." I love it.

So which beer is THE beer you have to try when you visit them? Well that's a hard choice, says Dawn, "We've got 5 fantastic beers on tap for our opening, so it's tough to pick one." She goes on to say, "We have a passionfruit, mango berlinerweis that's so refreshing. But our Brave Woman Scottish Ale is going to be a staple - it's a lighter Scottish Ale at 5% but still packed with caramel, biscuit, and malt, and a hint of smokiness at the finish. Our head brewer and owner hails from Scotland and the grain used in this beer comes from near where he grew up. It's named after his great, great grandmother who saved 15 fisherman from a capcized fishing vessel - one of the fishermen wrote a poem about her entitled 'A Brave Woman'." You can read that story HERE.

Check out a sneak-peek of what to expect when you walk into the brewery for the first time later today when they officially open at Noon:

Little Thistle Brewing Co. is located at 2031 14th Street NW in Rochester. Their hours will be Tuesday‒Thursday, 3pm‒10pm; Friday and Saturday, 12pm‒11pm; Sunday, 12‒8pm. They'll be closed on Mondays.

Cheers, and good luck you guys! I can't wait to stop in for my first pint.


(Video From The Rochester Posse)

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