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I get occasional notifications from Zillow which can be super dangerous, I can spend hours looking at houses that I won't buy or can't afford. But this particular house caught my eye because of its age. After doing a little digging it turns out that it's the oldest home for sale in Rochester, Minnesota right now. It's even older than St. Mary's Hospital.

When you hear about a home that's the oldest one for sale in town you'd think that the inside would also look at least a little outdated. But you won't believe what the inside of this house looks like. Keep scrolling for the pictures and more about the age of the home.

Rochester's Oldest Home for Sale is Older Than St. Mary's

A home for sale in Rochester, Minnesota was built in 1875. It's the oldest home for sale in Rochester right now and was actually built before St. Mary's Hospital.

60-Year-Old Home Built on Stilts for Sale in Duluth, MN

Up in Duluth is this wild, 60-year-old home for sale that was built on stilts over a creek. You'd have amazing views from every room!

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