Every time I watch HGTV, I get home improvement fever, and think "I can do that!" While I had some successful remodels, I've also failed miserably at some things. Here are my greatest, also most entertaining things I've tried to do as a home owner. 


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    It all started with drywall...

    My first ever home improvement project was mediocre at best. Here's my attempt at (what's the proper way to say this?) hanging drywall?

  • Phase four
    Phase four

    Build me a closet, and call me pretty

    The hubby and I turned our entire basement into our master suite. One small problem though, we were without a closet. For those that know me, it's a huge problem for this girl. So we built a HUGE closet. To see how this was built from shutters and scrap wood, click here. 

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    A girl and her kitchen

    I actually surprised myself with this project. Tile and I quickly became best friends. In the moment, I felt like maybe if radio didn't work out, I always had this back-up plan ;) We completely transformed our kitchen from 80s nightmare, to modern beauty.

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    Sometimes you need a pro

    After buying my first home, I gave it less than a month before calling the garage door experts to fix this horrendous problem! It drastically improved the home's curb appeal and value, not to mention my stress level.

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