Turning 36 never felt so good.

I seriously can't believe how great my next trip around the sun has begun.

Last week, one of my college roommates traveling from Chicago with his fiance came to visit us for the Labor Day weekend. We drove to Winona with our girls, all the while spitting out countless stories from back in the day and hitting up some of our old stomping grounds.

We also went to Target Field to meet up with our other college roommates and to enjoy some Twins baseball.

My actual birthday last Tuesday was filled with calls, texts and Facebook posts/memes, and ended with a terrific supper at Beetles... End of story right?


After rambling on yesterday about how much football means to me and my family, my wife goes and does something crazy like this:

Yep. She's pretty amazing.

Once my mind finally processed everything, we bolted north as quickly as we could so we could make kickoff. We arrived to the stadium just in time to see an amazing 9/11 tribute and also saw Randy Moss blow the giant gjallarhorn before his eventual induction into the Vikings Ring of Honor at halftime.

If that wasn't enough excitement, seeing us destroy the Saints at home and watching Adrian Peterson blow up on the sideline was the cherry on top while earning our first win of the season... Granted, I'm definitely paying for it today after only four hours of sleep, but it was totally worth it!

I learned this week I have some pretty incredible friends (all of whom can keep a big secret) and for that I'm grateful. Also, a huge thanks to Troy Dunken for letting me enjoy a half-day and take some time off to do what I love most - Be with family, and watching the game I love most.

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