So as soon as you read the title some of you probably had some strong opinions right off the bat, which is why I'm asking for them, I want to hear from you about this topic!

I'm a pretty pale person. I don't mind my pale-ness at all but I'm worried that for my wedding I might get lost in the photos with my white dress and the snow (hopefully there will be snow). So I've entertained the idea of tanning once, maybe twice, before the wedding. I definitely don't want to do anything crazy, just get tan enough to not be SO pale.

But the questions I keep asking myself are "Will I not look like myself if I tan?" "Is going once or twice going to damage my skin too much?" Which is why I'm looking for your opinion on this!

Feel free to creep on my Instagram (@carlyrossonair) if you want to witness the pale-ness yourself. ;)



And the moment you've all been waiting for: which dress you picked for me to get for my honeymoon!

Drumroll, please!

Credit: Shein
Credit: Shein

Tah Dah! I am loving this dress and I'm literally ordering it right now. Once I get it in the mail I'll try to remember to post a photo for all of you on my Instagram!


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