According to a petition created on the site, these students in Florida were hoping so. The petition included the following:

All schools in Polk County should not have students attend school the day after Halloween. We have a holiday for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and President’s day but we don’t have anything for Halloween nothin at all so with this petition let’s make a change for good.

The Polk County Public Schools posted a response on their Facebook page:

I love how they stressed that they are so proud of the students, and their honesty, with this attempt to get school off on Friday. Unfortunately, the school district is not closing their doors on Friday. Class will be in session as scheduled. The final comment on the District's Facebook page is too succinct not to share:

Our school nurses will be ready to assist you with any candy-related ailments when you return ... on Friday.

Interesting to note, around 11 am on Wednesday, October 30th, the petition has over 19,000 signatures. Makes you wonder if schools here in Minnesota would consider closing the day after Halloween, and not for a blizzard, because even though that is rare, it has happened.

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