It'll be another exciting addition in a year with many subtractions from the mall.

Credit: The Machine Shed LLC

You've heard the classic phrase: Everything old is new again, right? Well this news certainly holds true, especially for those who remember spending hours upon hours while unloading their piggy banks and allowances into the many gaming consoles inside the old Machine Shed back in the day. Well I bring that up because it's about to get an extra life of sorts and make it's triumphant return to its old stomping grounds!

Owner James Aakre let the cat out of the bag on The Machine Shed's Facebook page back last month, and a lot of people were ecstatic! They're set to open inside the old Zumiez clothing store near Scheel's on September 1st!

When asked what will set this location a part from their original location on 2nd Street NE, Aakre said the mall will be able to provide more extensive games: Like Virtual Reality machines, Dance Dance Revolution, Jurassic Park and Star Wars Battle Pods. Plus they'll also have plenty of room for classic pinball machines and bubble hockey also.

Credit: The Machine Shed

One difference that will stand out to their already loyal fan base will be that they'll go back to implementing the use of quarters again, instead of a pay daily system inside the mall. However, they will still sell classic consoles and games at both locations. So if one spot doesn't have something you want, the other most likely will.

Another change will be that no food will be served. But since they realize the mall's food court is just down the hall they will allow outside food to be brought into the arcade.

There's are also plans to provide a t-shirt press there as well, but only for a limited time.

If successful, Aakre said there could be future plans involving opening several more locations across southeast Minnesota so stay tuned!

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