An animal humane society out of Red Wing, Minnesota, the River Bluff Humane Society, reminded their followers on Facebook earlier today that they have a pet food shelf. If you're a family that is in need and you have a pet or multiple pets, the River Bluff Humane Society has dog and cat food at their food shelf.

I'm so glad there's something like this available in southeast Minnesota. We always hear about the food shelves that are around where you can go get human food, but pets need food too! If there are other places in southeast Minnesota that have pet food shelves, send me a message on our app or on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (all @carlyrossonair) to let me know. I may put together a list of all of the pet food shelves in the area in the future.

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In their Facebook post, River Bluff Humane Society says if you are someone wanting to utilize their pet food shelf to give them a call at 651-388-5286 to set up an appointment to pick up cat and/or dog food. I also checked out their website to learn more about the pet food shelf. On their site, they say that people in need are allowed to come to get pet food up to 5 times in a 12 month period. You will need an ID to pick up food.

If you are not someone in need but you'd like to support the pet food shelf, the River Bluff Humane Society accepts all types of dog and cat food donations.

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