The Stewartville School Board approved the controversial policy in October. Parents were notified of the change on Oct. 26th and it went into effect on November 1st.The "Unpaid Meal Charge Policy" says if an student's account balance is in the negative he or she will be given an alternate meal.

The execution of the policy is what has people upset. Jill Haggerty shared a story with KTTC news. "The lady that I talked to [Thursday] morning, she did confirm that the cashier has been told by food services that if the children have a balance of negative one cent or below, that the cashier has a spatula and they scoop the food off of their tray, dump it into a bucket that is between their legs, and they place a sandwich on their plate and that's what they're served."

She said the new policy will have a negative impact on students who are being embarrassed in front of all of their peers. Haggerty isn't the only parent voicing concerns.I've seen several posts about the new rule on social media.

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