Another trip has come and gone, and I must say I'm SO happy to be home. Don't get me wrong, it was a great time - breathtaking views from rooftop bars and incredible and unique cocktails, plus the ocean, hello! I saw New York City and a lot of what it has to offer, so I can check it off my bucket list. Will I go back? Probably not. Here are the five things about NYV that made me love Rochester even more:

1. The trash! I heard it was bad, but you don't realize just how bad until you get there. I seriously wanted to start my own cleanup crew immediately, it was that gross. I don't get it! That's your home, throw your crap in a garbage can. Not to mention the smell...

New York City Explores Congestion Pricing Options To Ease Traffic Snarls
Getty Images-Drew Angerer

2. The traffic - Seriously though, what are you honking at? People honk just to honk. I don't get it. Yes, you honking at the person in front of you who is also stuck in the same long line of traffic that you are, is totally going to help. It was obnoxious. Plus I get that they kind of need to be, but good lord are they ever aggressive there.

3. The pace - I swear to you New Yorkers have their own speed zone, and it is far faster than our's

4. The crowds - It's crowded EVERYWHERE. All day, every day!


5. The prices - Holy expensive martinis batman. I mean obviously, I knew going in that the prices were going to be much higher.



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