• 1

    Why do I still live here?

    Even though we are all very well aware that it CAN snow during the spring, it doesn't make it hurt any less when it happens. Not to mention, this year has been way too cold - currently 20 degrees below average.

  • 2

    Wait, 36 degrees! That's warm enough to wear shorts right?

    The first spring "heat wave" has all the Minnesotans out in shorts and flip-flops. Free those pale legs, feel the air on your bare feet, if you dare.

  • 3

    Is it really worth buying a new snowblower now, or should I just wait until next winter?

    And just when you settle on buying it next year, we get dumped on - 8 inches of snow! That's when the regret sets in....

  • 4

    Why does Mother Nature have it out for us?

    Don't like the weather? Just give it 5 minutes, it will change! Mother Nature is unpredictable.

  • 5

    Why did I take that ice scraper out of my car?

    The robins are back, the sun is shining, the snow is gone, I don't need this ice scraper anymore. WRONG! Would it be appropriate to leave it in the car year round? Asking for a friend!

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