Mat and I went to The Great Minnesota Get Together on Friday. Yep, when there was a literal tsunami that hit the fairgrounds. It was insane!

We used the bus system to get there (because no one in their right mind would actually park on the fairgrounds. Way too much traffic!). When we got on the bus it was raining a little but we brought rain jackets so no big deal. When we got on the bus though it starting pouring! The thunder was so loud and there was so much water that it was running down the street like a river!

When we finally got to the fair it was still pouring and we had to make a mad dash for the Grandstand. But we were COMPLETELY soaked by the time we got there. We were also both wearing tennis shoes so our feet were super wet.

The day went on, the rain let up and it actually ended up being a pretty great day at the fair! We were dry everywhere by about mid-afternoon... except for our freaking feet. It was terrible until we discovered the bamboo socks.

There was a coupon for these bamboo socks in the Blue Ribbon Bargain Book, we had seen their booth in years past, and our feet were so soaked that we finally gave in and went to buy some.


First of all, even though our shoes were still wet at least these new socks were dry. Second of all, these socks are so stinkin' soft!

Long story short, the best non-food item at the state fair: bamboo socks! I can't remember the name of the booth but I know they're in the Merchandise Mart building so if you need some new socks, go there!

Honorary mention goes to the ponchos we found at the Grandstand for $8. Here's a low-quality picture of this high-quality purchase! One lady said we looked like Peter Pan.

Carly Ross, Townsquare Media
Carly Ross, Townsquare Media

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