Yes, it's been a rough couple weeks in terms of the weather. Cold, snow, and this week the joy of several inches of ice on the roads are among the many joys we Minnesotans have endured. This poor vehicle has endured all that... and more!

bird poop car

It would appear as though this poor, little, red car was the target of a nasty bunch of, well, birds. It's no surprise that, yes, we've got some issues with birds in this town. Whether it's the geese that call Silver Lake home all winter and overtake the entire county the rest of the year, or the never-ending flock of crows that roam, and own, downtown Rochester - especially during colder times - birds cause problems here!

So, why would a car looking like this be found in the Century High School parking lot? Well, according to sources, the car belongs to someone who happens to live downtown near the People's Food Co-op. And we all know how the crows like to hang out around the food co-op, right? Or, in case you've forgotten, here's a little video reminder:

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