I've been to this venue twice already since moving to Minnesota in July of 2016. I knew it was iconic, but I didn't know it was haunted! Did you?

I'm talking about the famous First Avenue & 7th St. Entry in downtown Minneapolis. Simply known as "First Ave" to many Minnesotans. Most of us know that Prince made it famous in Purple Rain. I know it as the place I saw Opeth and The Sword for the first time in Minnesota. Incredible venue!

One "First Ave" haunting story supposedly goes like this: There is a rumor that a woman took her life in one of the bathroom stalls in the building. Some patrons have admitted to seeing her. One report even suggests that she's a blonde.

Then there's this: A ghost is named "Slippy" and she'll play pranks on and disturb the musical equipment. Slippy and Pennywise (from It) have something in common too.

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Getty Images: Stephen Maturen / Stringer

My thoughts on these stories: I think they're bogus. I'm sorry, but if a suicide really happened, wouldn't we know about it? Especially if it happened somewhere as famous as First Ave? Wouldn't there be a story in the news about it? Why is it just a "rumor"?

As for Slippy, he or she should stay away from me. I'm not into balloons.

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