The Night Market was a new event in Rochester, Minnesota this summer and Saturday night is the third and final one of the season. Have you been to one of them yet? I've gone to the first two and it's a really cool event!

What's a Night Market?

The Night Market Facebook event says "night markets are a part of daily life and entertainment across Asia" and they wanted to bring the experience to Rochester. There are all sorts of vendors, food, and entertainment happening at the Night Market. You can easily spend a lot of time here.

Where and When is the Night Market?

The final Night Market of the season is Saturday from 5-9 PM outside of the Mayo Civic Center and in part of the Rochester Art Center. The event is free and parking will be free too so no reason to not go! Both times that I went to the Night Market I parked in the 2nd Street parking ramp and walked the block to the event, so I'd recommend doing that.

What Will be Going on at the Night Market on Saturday?

There are all different kinds of vendors at the Night Market with an emphasis on Asian and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) vendors. There are vendors selling things like paintings and other art, handmade earrings, clothes, delicious food.

Some of the vendors that will be at the Night Market on Saturday include SETO Bakery, Rebekah's Caribbean Delights, Knotty Woodpecker, Hmong Specialty Plants & Herbs, and Taiwanese Sausages just to name a few of the many many vendors that will be there.

Here is who's performing on Saturday. All performances will be on the Rochester Art Center back patio.

Krum Selabak Khmer M’kut Meas (K.S.K.M.M) - 5:15-6:15 PM - They are a Cambodian dance group of Watt (temple) Dhamma Visudhi Karam. The name of the group "was carefully selected by the Monks of the temple" according to Choochoo-ca-Chew, the hosts of the Night Market. 

LaSonya Natividad - 6:30-7:30PM - They will be performing jazz and blues music.

Hyooman - 8-9pm - They are an alternative/indie rock band.

Also, on the 2nd floor of the Rochester Art Center, artist Willow Gentile will be doing live paintings. 

Important note: they are asking that everyone wear masks inside and outside at the Night Market! If you forget yours they do have masks at the Night Market booth which is at the back of the outdoor portion of the event by the Rochester Art Center doors.

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