FINALLY!  One of the movie theaters in Rochester, Minnesota that has remained closed since the shutdown is finally reopening.  The CMX Chateau posted the happy news on their Facebook page that they will be reopening on September 24th.  There is a slight change with their hours that we aren't quite normal though.

Small movie theater
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CMX Chateau Cinema movie theater is reopening in Rochester, Minnesota!

It's been so long since we've seen a movie poster on the outside of the CMX Chateau theater in northeast Rochester.  They closed, just like everyone else when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

But, when movie theaters had the opportunity to open back up with limited capacity, this one didn't.  In fact, the movie theater and basically all of the locations in Minnesota that were owned by this chain were removed from their website.  What left everyone puzzled though was a graphic on their main page that said "Coming Soon your favorite movie theater will be back".

According to their Facebook page, the movie theater is planning on reopening on September 24th.  The movie experience will be what we remember but there is a HUGE change - their hours.

Grand Re-opening

New seats

New Experience

Opening Weekends Only Starting September 24th - CMX Cinemas (Chateau) Facebook Page

At the moment, the showtimes aren't listed but check their website here to get those updates.

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