Jodi Huisentruit, a 27-year-old anchor at KIMT in Mason City, failed to show up for the morning newscast on June 27, 1995 and has been missing ever since. It's one of the most publicized missing persons cases in recent history but still after 23-years investigators have little information to work with. Mason City Police say there are no official suspects or persons of interest in her case.

A Des Moines Register report says: Investigators have long believed someone grabbed Huisentruit shortly after 4 a.m. as she went to her red car in the parking lot of her apartment complex. Neighbors said they heard a scream around then and saw a white van in the lot. Police found her red high heels, blow dryer, hair spray and earrings strewn across the lot.

Longtime KTTC anchor Robin Wolfram worked with Jodi in the mid-90s and recently talked with WCCO about interviewing the man Huisentruit was last seen with. "His demeanor was joyful, almost strangely happy. Telling me he named his boat after her and that he loved her…it was just weird.” Wolfram suspects this man had a role in Jodi's disappearance. is a site dedicated to finding answers, and today on what would have been Jodi's 50th birthday, they unveiled 5 billboards in the Mason City area and handed out flyers with the hope that someone will finally come forward with information.



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