This popped up on my Facebook page the other day. Get out of here Facebook, you don't know me. Ok, maybe you do because I want this. Like now! It's a subscription box filled with a murder mystery. What I take from that - the board game Clue meets Unraveled Escape Room, delivered to your door, heck yeah!

Mystery novel

Every month you get a new mystery to solve. "Each new murder mystery package is filled with items and clues that you will use to conduct your investigation and catch the killer." I.E. FBI serial killer profile, unusual photographs, autopsy report with forensic clues, keys, murder weapons, etc. Each box is completely different.

Seriously though, does this not sound like the best kind of Halloween party? In all reality, I would host a game night monthly just to play this. Note, I have not actually tried the Murder Mystery in a box (yet), so I can't give you a great review (yet). This one was named one of the best subscription boxes by USA Today though.

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