If you want to be the house that kids avoid next year, just buy this candy (I joke). The list is out, and here are the 5 worst candies to hand out this year. 

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    Brach's Pumpkin

    Fulfilled by Amazon

    Here's an idea: take America's LEAST favorite candy, and turn it into a pumpkin!! The only thing these things are good for is decoration (my opinion).

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    Candy Corn

    Fulfilled By Amazon

    Worst. Invention. Ever. Fun fact: my dad likes to buy candy corn on clearance after Halloween, and give it to us for Christmas. I don't think candy corn even has an expiration date. Here's your sign...

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    Candy Buttons

    Fulfilled by Amazon

    These were never a good idea.... Just buy chocolate!!

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    King of Sweets Online - Amazon

    TRUTH! I can't stand Smarties. I didn't like them as a kid, and still think they are such a waste of money (and their cheap, so that's saying a lot). Survey says, don't buy Smarties!

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    Necco Wafers

    Special Supply - Amazon

    Throwing it WAY back! I can't remember the last time that I had these. From what I heard, they are basically giant Smarties. Clearly the kids don't want any chalky crap.

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