Have you ever watched the show 'Man vs Food' and thought you could conquer the food challenges? If you have, you might want to check out the giant sandwich at Lu's Sandwich.

The website, chowhound.com, put out a list of 50 insane food challenges - one for each state. They picked Lu's in Minnesota. Contestants get 25 minutes to finish the Giant Bahn Mi sandwich at Lu's in Minneapolis which weighs in at 3.75 pounds. It's 20 bucks to try and you get your money back and a free shirt if you're successful! (The video below shows a dude giving it a try. Skip to the end to see if he was able to complete the sandwich.)

Do any Rochester restaurants offer a food challenge? I think Newt's could do something with their burgers, Wildwood could host a challenge with their Inferno Wings, and Cheap Charlies could host a hot stack challenge with their gigantic pancakes!


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