We began to feel the heat Wednesday night, but it's only going to get worse as we head into the holiday weekend.

We're not quite finished with the month of May, but we're about to be reminded of what the dog days of summer feel like with daily high temperatures in the upper 80's and the afternoon heat index well into the 90's beginning today all the way through Memorial Day:

Credit: National Weather Service - La Crosse

In fact, Monday's temperature could end up being one of the hottest on record with the chance to hit 89 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Credit: National Weather Service - La Crosse

Saturday and Sunday look to maybe break some records, but in case you're wondering, Monday also has the chance to tie or even sneak into the Top 5 warmest Memorial Day's ever in Rochester:

  • 89/1980
  • 91/1939
  • 93/1914
  • 95/2006
  • 106/1934

Man, 1934 was a tough year wasn't it? In addition to the heat and humidity there are chances of storms, which are ongoing Thursday evening through Friday across most of southern Minnesota.

My AC unit is already acting up (oh joy), so hopefully yours is running properly for the long holiday weekend!

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