It's January in Minnesota. It's cold. We've been experiencing Arctic temperatures for several days now. But at least we're not this Minnesota town!

As of 1:37 PM CST, according to weather website WXNow, the town of Cook, Minnesota was registering as tied for the seventh coldest place in the entire world, with a temperature of -27 degrees. The only places on Earth that were colder at that time were located in Russia, Alaska and the Nunavut region of northern Canada.

Credit: WX-Now
Credit: WX-Now

For those of you who don't know where Cook, Minnesota is located, you'll find it in St. Louis County, in the North Central part of the state, about 70 miles from the Canadian border. The town of 574 people is located near Lake Vermilion.

And to think, it's the middle of the day in Cook, while in the towns in Russia that are occupying the top four spots it's nighttime.

As for us here in Rochester? Well, at 1:37 PM we were at a balmy 4 degrees, although our windchill was listed at 2 degrees. Almost feels like Spring, doesn't it?

As for Cook? By 1:54 PM, it was no longer in the top 10. But it might be worth keeping an eye on tonight, once the sun goes down and the temps drop yet again...

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