Have you stayed here before? Its past has a lot to do with why it's haunted.

When it comes to creepy stories, I'm ALL in. I live for them. I was anxious to look into Rochester's haunted history, and I came across this article that mentioned The Kahler Hotel. Yep! To many locals, this isn't exactly a surprise. In fact, I scored some really cool stories about it's past while talking with a few of them.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

One source explained that the hotel was once part of Mayo Clinic and that surgeries had been conducted on what's now the top floor (a pool is there currently!). The morgue was in the basement, so... when surgeries didn't go so well that's where patients ended up.

A few locals told me many stories of being totally creeped out by Kahler elevators because they'd "act weird" and they believe the past has something to do with that.

Oh, and don't forget about the people staying there as it became a hotel. There were some deaths and missing persons cases there too! Does anyone else remember the story of Helen Brach? Her case was highly publicized because she was the heiress to a major candy company.

World Lifestyle explains, "In 1977, Brach candy heiress Helen Voorhees Brach, 65, visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a checkup. The doctors found her to be in good health, she paid her bill, checked out of her room at the Kahler Grand Hotel, made some purchases at a gift shop, and then left. This was the last time that anybody had seen her. In 1984, Brach was declared to be legally dead. Still, to this day, people report seeing Brach riding the elevators and vanishing before their eyes."

Yep! That would put Kahler on my "creepy" list for sure!

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