If you're hoping to do something a little different for Thanksgiving this year maybe give this a try: Thanksgiving dinner all mashed up in a burrito. There's a grocery store in Rochester, MN that's selling it!

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I mean, that's what we all do anyway, is mash it all up on the plate and eat it all together. So why not just throw it into a burrito? Plus that means you can eat it with your hands which is just a fun plus in my opinion. Thanksgiving dinner can be so formal, so switching that up with finger food sounds kind of fun.

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Getty Images

Where to Get Your Hands On a Thanksgiving Burrito

If you're interested in trying out this Thanksgiving dinner in a burrito, they're being sold by Trader Joe's. It says on their website that this burrito is a limited-time thing and costs $4.49 per 8 oz. burrito.

What's in the Thanksgiving Burrito?

So what's in this Thanksgiving burrito? It's the usual culprits, turkey, plus sweet potatoes, cranberry salsa, and rice all wrapped up in a tortilla.

Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's

Who else wants there to be stuffing in there? That would be so funny! Truly having your entire Thanksgiving dinner all stuffed into one burrito, plus gravy for dipping. I wouldn't be opposed to trying that at all actually.

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I asked on our Facebook what non-traditional food you eat for Thanksgiving. A few people said tacos, other people said Cambodian food, pizza, and homemade ravioli. I'm not sure why, but I really like the idea of straying away from the usual food (turkey, stuffing, etc.) and doing your own thing.

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