If you're looking for the most relatable video that you'll see today, this is it.

Comedian Trey Kennedy just dropped the most relatable (and pretty hilarious) video when it comes to mask-wearing and it really puts our nearly year-long history with masks (as they relate to COVID-19) into perspective.

Kennedy goes through every phase that we've been through with those tiny pieces of necessary cloth, from the time when we thought we'd only need them for a couple of weeks, to the "new normal" phase that we've entered where we literally feel naked if we venture out into public without our masks.

He manages to find the perfect mixture of humor and reality that results in a video that will leave anyone saying "it's funny because it's true." One YouTube commenter left the perfect message to anyone who may stumble upon this video in the future.

To all future historians here, yes this is exactly what happened.

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