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The City of Rochester just sent a press release that says 250 people have been selected and provided tickets for the President's rally this afternoon at the Rochester International Airport, and "per the agreement between the City of Rochester and the Republican National Committee (RNC), no more people are allowed on the event site.  There is no more available parking onsite."

The press release included a statement from Olmsted County Director of Public Health, Graham Briggs, who asked attendees to make smart decisions,

We understand the interest in the President’s visit and also first amendment rights and from my standpoint, I’m concerned about the health and safety of the individuals in our community. There is substantial risk in attending a large event like this, even if it’s held outdoors. Given the level of COVID-19 transmission that’s occurring in Minnesota, our surrounding states, and right here in Olmsted County, I would ask that people make smart decisions and keep the health and safety of themselves, their families, and their friends top of mind.  The safest choice is to stay home.  For those who attend, we do ask that they wear a mask, stay at least six feet apart, and get a COVID-19 test 5-7 days afterward. The same goes for any other individual attending a large gathering of people.”

Mayor Norton encouraged people to watch the rally from home. She tweeted, "Please stay home and watch the Trump campaign rally from there-we are told it will be able to be seen on his campaign website - and of course, there will be loads of media coverage. Only 250 will be allowed inside the gate & those folks already know who they are. #StopTheSpread"

The President is expected to speak at 5:00 PM. You can watch Donald Trump's Rally in Rochester live here.

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