These brave and smart boys are rightfully so, being called heroes after this life saving move. Here are the details.

The 5th and 4th grade boys were walking home from hockey in Albert Lea when they noticed smoke coming from a house.

"There was more smoke than would ever come out of a chimney. Big. Super big," 4th grader Kaiden Baldwin told KAAL. 

They then walked around the house, and saw that the porch was on fire. At that point, they went and knocked on the neighbors door urging them to call 911.

"It started spreading up the house, and as soon as it started getting up higher the police and fire trucks came," KAAL quoting 5th grader Cameron Mudra.

The residents were not home, but - "they did save a life,” said deputy Albert Lea Fire Chief Jeff Laskowske. There was a dog in the house! “They saved a pet's life by giving an early notification and we were able to get there."

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