I seriously love this house. If I was looking for a house right now I would be very tempted to buy this one because I'm in a good mood just looking at these pictures, imagine what it'd be like if you lived there!

This home is so brightly colored it's hard to be in a bad mood! One of the current homeowners, Kiki Gloude, said it best: “If people like beige, that’s fantastic. But we like to live in what makes us feel good.” Even their clothing hangars are colorful. The hangars! They thought of everything!

Unfortunately, this home isn't for sale in Rochester, but if you're ok with moving (and maybe you are after this terrible construction season!) then check this home out, it's up in Shorewood, MN.

Oh, and the new place they just bought? Kiki tells the Star Tribune, “It’s a 1966 rambler, and it’s all white.” Just imagine what they're going to be able to do with that place!

Here are a few photos from the listing:


You can take a look at the full listing and see more pictures HERE!

Also, check out more from their agent, Anthony Mosley, HERE!




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