Some of these are just cringe-worthy... But to each his own, right?

I love eating leftovers. My wife's become a fantastic cook since we began dating and she's found some pretty awesome recipes that past few years, and that includes one for chili. So despite everyone being down on crock pots lately (Thanks This Is Us) we decided to whip some up in one anyways!

Well I brought some leftovers to work the next day and someone caught me putting some peanut butter in the bowl and asked what the heck I was doing? Ever since I was little, I've always ate peanut butter sandwiches or added a little peanut butter into my chili because it's that salty/sweet combo I love!

So I got to thinking: What are some other foods you think go great together, that others might think are disgusting?

I asked that question on our 106.9 KROC Facebook page on Friday, and received over 800 comments! Here are some of strangest combinations I found:

  • Grilled cheese sandwich with jelly.
  • Peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwiches
  • Pineapple Onion Pizza
  • Scrambled eggs and grape jelly
  • Baked bean sandwich
  • Chips dipped in cottage cheese
  • Pickles, mustard, and colby cheese rolled up together
  • Cool ranch Doritos with applesauce
  • Dr Pepper with egg nog
  • Salsa and sour gummy worms

I'd like to point out my wife LOVES ketchup with her grilled cheese sandwiches... but since I saw that one posted more than a dozen times, I'm starting to think she's not as weird as I originally thought?

Anyways, did any of yours make the list? Would you try any of these combos? Maybe I just opened your eyes and introduced you to a future favorite combo? Let us know your favorite food combo below in the comments!

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