I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! My fiancé is a big fan too but I'm not sure if we're at the same level. Either way, we're going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for part of our honeymoon and I'm so excited!

Neither of us has ever been there but I know for sure that we need to dress up according to our Hogwarts houses (duh!). Don't worry, we took the quiz on Pottermore so it's legit (if you don't know what Pottermore is, stop reading this and go find out what your house is).

Ok, everyone's back? Great! So I'm a Hufflepuff and Mat's a Gryffindor. We want your help in deciding what to wear when we go to the Wizarding World for this Wedding Wednesday! The options are...


Credit: Rubie's via Amazon


Credit: Rubie's via Amazon

or T-Shirts

Credit: Pop Funk via Amazon



And of course, we need to talk about last week's Wedding Wednesday!

So last week I wanted your opinion on if I should tan for my wedding or not. With that Wedding Wednesday I was curious to see what you all thought but since it's something I'd possibly be doing to my body, not something I'd wear, I wasn't going to let this poll ultimately decide what I would do. But funny enough most of you agree with my final decision!

I've decided to not tan before the wedding. I'm worried I wouldn't look like myself. I'm also doing my own makeup (you're picking that in another Wedding Wednesday ;) ) and I already have enough troubles finding the right foundation shade as it is, can you imagine me trying to figure it out all over again for my wedding day because I got a tan? No thanks, too much pressure!


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