Breaking news: Naming your kids is tough!

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Credit: Mandy Fricker

Well, it is for most parents. Some will name their kids after themselves while others will honor their parents or even their grandparents and name their children after them, which I totally think is cool... if the name fits, that is (sorry mom).

But for my my wife and I, we've gone back n' forth for months now on what to name our daughter. For a while there she would send me a text every day asking me "Do you like _____?" or "Whatchu think about ______?" At first it's kinda fun, but once you get super close to the due date you start to realize that hey, this is some serious stuff!

You begin hyper-analyzing every name you come up with, like:

  • Was so-n'-so annoying in high school?
  • Did you hate working with this person at a job?
  • Does spelling it a certain way really matter?
  • Will your daughter have 10 girls named the exact same thing in her class because it's the "it" name right now?

So. Many. Variables.

So here we are, literally days away from my daughter entering this world, and we're still undecided. My wife and I have come up with our Top 4 Baby Names and we'd like your help in naming her...

Drum roll please:


Cute Side Story: When we named our first daughter Charlee, we were down to two names the morning we drove to the hospital but I wanted to see her first before we gave her a name. Well since it was Christmas time, we had Y105-FM on and had Christmas music blaring in the car, and that's when we heard a song from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special come on... well I've always loved Charlie Brown, so I saw that as a sign from above saying that's what we should go with since "Charlee" was one of our favorite names.

So stay tuned and check back to this page for a baby announcement SOON!

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