Scotty Matthews posted the prank that people have been doing using Siri. It got me thinking about other pranks, the harmless ones. Obviously it's not good to do pranks that harm or take up law enforcement time that's better spent helping people that really need it. But there are some pranks done in good fun that are truly hilarious. Here's the best ones that were shared:

  • 1

    Sorry for the Damage Note - Don L.

    "Mall parking lot; put note under windshield wiper of a buncha cars that said "sorry for the damage" ... watch people come out, read it and walk around their car looking for something that wasn't really there"

  • 2

    Remote Control Trick - Heidi-Mae W.

    "My friends and I would walk around neighborhoods in the evening with tv remote controls and change peoples stations, turn tv's in and off and mess with the volume through the window and watch people get SUPER confused. You usually had to try a few houses before you would find a tv the remote was compatible with."

  • 3

    Prank Thwarted - Caitlin D.

    "We attempted to pull a senior prank. We were going to fill the small amphitheater in the court yard with water and gold fish. We put in all sorts of planning time. And even had plans for gold fish adoption afterward. But then there was a fake bomb threat and security increased at school making it impossible for us to carry out our plans."

  • 4

    Playboys Everywhere - Catherine D.

    "Our senior math teacher was lamenting to our class (5 girls) that no one ever played pranks on him anymore. So we got a hold of some Playboy Centerfolds and plastered them on the insides of cabinets and doors in his classroom. He sat down to work on his computer with the door open, a centerfold in plain view and didn't notice it. A few minutes later he exclaimed "Oh my God!" and slammed the door shut. And then said, "Those football players" (he was the head coach). It was two weeks before one of the classmates blurbed that it was us. He thought is was hysterically funny that these goody-two-shoes girls who were taking advanced math came up with this awesome prank. We also had to tell him where all the centerfolds were as we had put up at least 10 of them in his room."

  • 5

    X-Rated Movie Randomly Plays on Bus - Andrew S.

    "In high school we put an x-rated movie on our ski club bus TV's. Let's just say everyone freaked out where it was cued up at....The longer more detailed version of this story is more entertaining."

  • 6

    Deer Pee - Heather G.

    "Our school had old fashioned steam radiators, and in the room of one particularly disliked teacher, we put store-bought deer pee in his radiator! It was worth it to have to share the smell."

  • 7

    June Bugs - Jennifer S.

    "When I was in middle school, a classmate pulled a prank on me and strung up a live June bug in my locker, knowing I abhor them. I freaked out when I opened the door and saw it squirming there on the end of the string, to the amusement of several onlookers. He removed it and put it in his pocket, and we all went into English class. Since he sat directly behind me, I immediately told the teacher he head a June bug in his pocket because I feared he would further torture me with it by putting it in my hair or something. She made him come to the front and told him to empty his pocket in the trash, while the rest of the class snickered. He took the beetle out of his pocket, but instead of putting it in the trash, we watched him pop it in his mouth. Our teacher turned three shades of white and looked like she was going to faint. Turns out it was an unwrapped root beer barrel, and the June bug was still in his other pocket. I have to admit, I admired his masterful execution. To this day, I think it was sheer brilliance. And I still hate June bugs!"

  • 8

    Clear Tape - Allison Timm

    "Put clear tape over the laser of the teachers computer mouse! I always thought it was hilarious watching them try to diagnose what's wrong with it."

  • 9

    Duct taped a House - Chip H.

    "We duct taped a friends house completely shut. Windows and doors."

  • 10

    Y2K - Molly R.

    "Not in high school, but New Year's Eve Y2K, at a small gathering at a friend's house. I snuck away just before the countdown. It turned to midnight, and for a brief moment there was a collective sigh of relief that nothing happened. A couple of seconds after midnight, the power went out. Oh no, it happened! The Y2K disaster was really happening! Took a few minutes for them to figure out I had gone and flipped a switch at the fuse box, and the lights were still on upstairs."

  • 11

    Switched places - Danielle Teal

    "Okay, so for my prank I switched classrooms with my twin sister. Some of the kids knew but some didn't. One of us had to take a test and the other had a leisurely time hanging out in the classroom. When the teachers found out that we had switched, they were NOT amused."

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