WHY?! Just when I finally cut the awful habit that is pop, I see this posted all over my Facebook page. The makers of the oh-so-delicious sparkling water brand, LaCroix are being sued. I literally have a mini fridge in my office loaded with every flavor of LaCroix. But, unless I'm cool with drinking insecticides and other "non-natural flavorings and synthetic compounds," I should probably avoid drinking it. Or not?

A class action lawsuit was filed against the company in Illinois. The reason? They want LaCroix to stop labeling and marketing that it is 100 percent natural. Plus, it is seeking damages for consumers. So all of us that have been drinking the water thinking we were getting a healthy alternative could (and that's a huge could) receive "damages."

According to News 8 in Illinois, the company is denying all allegations saying the lawsuits were filed "without basis in fact or law."

Is anything really "all-natural" anymore? I feel like the only way we actually know is if we grow the food ourselves...


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