Some shocking news in Rochester, Minnesota hit Facebook today.  Another popular restaurant closed suddenly.

Susan Vineyard ThinkStock
Susan Vineyard ThinkStock

Another Rochester, Minnesota Restaurant is Closed for Good

If you heard the rumor today that Wild Bill's Sports Saloon in Rochester, Minnesota at 300 17th Ave NW is closed, the rumor is actually true.  I honestly am shocked and from what I can see on Facebook, some employees found out when they showed up to work this morning.

We are sad to say, we are closing our doors. Thanks for the memories! 😭

- Wild Bill's Sports Saloon Facebook Page


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Years ago, before I got this radio gig, I was laid off.  It was a horrible moment in life and I felt disrespected through much of that time, but if it is true that employees found out when they showed up for work today, I am so sorry!  You deserve better than that!

I know a bunch of places are hiring but just FYI, to anyone who no longer has a job at Wild Bill's or to anyone else who is struggling, I know a bunch of people that are hiring, including Townsquare Media.  If you are curious and want to learn more, send me an e-mail to or on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.


Remember when Cowboy Jack's closed in Rochester and also didn't tell employees?

Back in 2019, Cowboy Jack's, which was located where Crooked Pint now is, pulled the same stunt on its employees.  They closed the doors and employees found out they were out of a job when they showed up at work in the morning.

Cowboy Jacks - Cowboy Jacks was located near the fairgrounds and according to an employee, when she showed up for work in April, the doors were locked and moving trucks were clearing out the space.  - Read the original story we wrote in 2019 here.

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I asked a bunch of people what their favorite places were in town to grab a fry...or two. I learned that we have some very passionate french fry fanatics and as soon as we posted the question, e-mails started flying in on the best spots in town. Here are the top picks!

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