It's been said a million times ... everything is so expensive lately! We're all working hard to be smart with our money but no matter what you do there's going to come a time when you need to make a big purchase and take out a loan. It's not super fun but it's needed sometimes. So when you do need to take out a loan, I have the spot in Rochester, MN where you need to go.

Where to Get a Loan in Rochester, MN

If you're looking to make a big purchase like a house or a car and you need a loan, you have to talk to my friends at Wings Financial Credit Union. In case you don't know, they just opened up a branch in Rochester, their first one here, and I'm super excited about it. There are lots of reasons to love Wings but one of them is their loan options.

At Wings, they have competitive rates on those loans (and a good rate these days is so important). They also have high-tech personal services for your loan needs and branches throughout Minnesota. So the next time you need a loan, borrow smarter with Wings.

But Who Can Join Wings Financial Credit Union?

I got this question a lot after Wings opened its branch in Rochester. Who can join? Am I able to become a member? The good news is, anyone can join Wings! Anyone is able to take advantage of their services.

Carly Ross - Townsquare Media Rochester
Carly Ross - Townsquare Media Rochester

I was at their grand opening at the end of October and asked the branch manager, Lee, about the process to switch banks. I've never switched banks (I've always been with Wings) so I didn't know how much of a pain it might be. Turns out, it's not a pain at all! He said that you just have to stop into the Rochester branch, tell them you want to switch, and they can take it from there. Of course, they'll need some info from you but for the most part, it's a simple process.

Also, there are promotions that they do for new members. So if you switch to Wings you could get some sweet deals. You'll have to check their website or give them a call for the latest offers.

Wings Financial is insured by NCUA. Membership required. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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