I have several tattoos. Most of them I love. Others, not so much. I love tattoos, and firmly believe they are a reflection of one's personality. When I first saw the picture of this tattoo, I thought for sure someone lost a bet. BUT, the story behind it may just be my all-time favorite.

Holland Van Lin - Skin Lab

According to Skinlab tattoo artist Holland, a couple celebrating their anniversary had the fun idea of getting tattoos together. Even better though, they designed the tattoos themselves. If you were designing a tattoo for your significant other, what would it be? What makes you think of them? Some people are very artistic and would crush a task like this. This tattoo is a prime example of what happens when you let a man design your tattoo.

Why the ranch? Why butter? What does it mean? Apparently, he introduced his lady to ranch dressing and she loves to cook with butter. She followed through and got the tattoo. It's been shared on viral websites and turned into memes. Don't forget that she got to design a tattoo for him too! Here's her design:

Holland Van Lin - Skin Lab

Can I just say how much I LOVE this couple!?

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